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To get protection of the invention (utility model) in one or more foreign states.


Patenting abroad is a complex and expensive process. Therefore, before you start the procedure for patenting, you need to carefully study the market conditions, the possible costs and the reality of generating income from using your invention in the country of patenting. And, of course, here you need a competent specialist.
Before starting patenting abroad, it is necessary to file a properly prepared application for an invention (utility model) in Ukraine and pay the fee. In this case, you will have the right to take advantage of the Convention priority – 12 months from the date of filing the application in Ukraine. This time you can use to determine the feasibility of patenting abroad.
For patenting abroad, it is advisable to file an international application under the PCT system (Patent Cooperation Treaty), 151 states are part of the contracting states, but it is also possible to apply separately to any chosen country.

Needs to be provided from an applicant

Since the drawing up of an application for an invention (utility model) requires a lot of experience and knowledge, it is necessary to contact a specialist – a patent attorney who will determine the amount of information required.
Also it is necessary to give a power of attorney to the patent attorney (not to notarize).

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